Sunset Players

Nurturing minds of every age with a focus on inclusion, unity, and education.


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Our Motto

"Don't Wait For Opportunities; Make Them Yourself"

Our Goal

To utilize theatre and the arts for the purpose they were created for. To tell stories from all over, and unite and educate people on the things they have no personal experience with. We wanted to create an environment of love and unity, and have been striving to do so ever since.

Our Mission

The Sunset Players strive to create opportunities where they’re needed most. From adapting popular children's movies into stage productions to developing original works. We are enacting change by bringing inspiration through the arts, to underrepresented communities in The Greater River Valley and Columbus area.


 If you are reading this and it resonates with you. Reach out to us! We are looking for anyone that has initiative, creativity, and we're perpetually open to suggestions on how we can make our environment better!

The Founders

Guianna Inoa Nuñez

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Managing Director

Jayden Hasberry

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Creative Director


The Board

Davie Lavender

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Administrative Director

Kenneth Butler

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Financial Manager

Li Luffman

Technical Director

Joshua Walters

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Public Relations 

Nicola Discenza

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Music Director

Braxton Lee

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Marketing Manager

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